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Which are the 4 more difficult languages to learn?

Probably it has happened to you that when you are in the search to learn a language you get curious if the language that you want to is of the most difficult to learn in the world or if it is of the simplest.

To learn a language is a different process for each person. However, it is important to take into account that it depends a lot of which is ours native language. If the language that you are trying to learn is among the same family of your native language, will be much easier to learn it.

A Spanish newspaper known as ABC Society, published a study made in EE.UU, this is about the difficulty to learn a language depends on factors like is this language is related somehow to your native language or others that you know, that means, if it you want to learn English but you only surround of people that speak your same native language, the possibilities to learn English begin to diminish.
Also it is due to the quantity of hours during the week that you devote to learn, the motivation, among others.
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Here you have then a list of the 4 more difficult languages to learn and why:


It is difficult because it has a few words that resemble the ones of the European language, also the written Arab uses a lower number of vowels, what can complicate the reading of the language.


It is a tonal language, in which the meaning of a word changes in function of the tone that is pronounced. It has miles of characters and a system of writing very complex makes Chinese quite a formidable task.


It has three systems of different writing and two systems of syllables, that add it some difficulty. Besides, has thousands of characters.


The Korean has different structures of sentences and syntactic, the verbal conjugations make the language a one true challenge for the native speaker English. Besides, the Korean written also bases in some characters of the Chinese.
The difficulty of these languages, simply represents a challenge for those who are willing to take it. It represents a big opportunity for the people that wish to expand its knowledges. We are developing the application Bilingual, precisely with the purpose to help you to be near to these cultures and therefore, new languages.

Source: ABC Sociedad (2014) ¿Cuáles son los idiomas más fáciles y difíciles de aprender?. Retrieved from:

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