Security Tips

As a Bilingual user, you must keep in mind that your security and that of all our users is important and a priority for us. For this reason, we recommend you to read the following Security Tips, without ever forgetting that you are the only responsible for your own security.

Appropriate use of the application

  • Never share personal or family information with unknown users.
  • Do not share financial information through the application.
  • Do not hesitate to report or block suspicious users, especially those who have a behavior that incites suspicious activities through the application. At Bilingual, we consider the following suspicious activities:
  • Messages with content that incite violent or sexual nature such as nude photographs or pornography.
  • Messages that incite the purchase or sale of illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, among others.
  • Messages requesting money or donations of any kind.
  • Messages with political or religious information.
  • Messages requesting the download of other mobile applications or other kind of downloads.
  • Messages sent by minors.

Appropriate use of the application when interacting personally with another user

  • When meeting personally with another user, always keep continuous communication with a family member and / or friend and meet always in public places.
  • Make sure you always have your mobile phone charged and always keep continuous communication with a family member and / or friend.
  • Do not share your financial information until you are sure it is safe. Remember that anything, you decide to share, depends on you.
  • When transporting, always keep continuous communication with a family member and / or friend, please inform the route and all the information you consider necessary to keep your security and safety. If you are going to share transportation with another Bilingual user, who was the one that contacted you, we recommend you to be the one who manages the transport and do not forget to always keep continuous communication with a family member and / or friend.
  • Do not accept food or drinks from other Bilingual users in their places of residence or at the place of the meeting.
  • You never show up under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.
  • Do due diligence of your own judgment at any time, don’t forget that you are the only responsible for your actions and / or decisions.

Note: Keep in mind that all contact you make with another user through Bilingual is and must be strictly related to the Services of the application. Likewise, always keep in mind that any other type of contact that is not related to the Bilingual Services will be done at your own risk.

In case of an emergency situation such as threats, verbal, physical and / or sexual violence, please immediately contact the competent authorities of the place where you are at. If you are a tourist, we recommend you to save on your mobile phone all emergency numbers of the city and country where you are located. Below you will find a list that you can check before making personal interaction with any other Bilingual user.
CountryContact Number
Argentina101 / 0800-999-2838 (English)
Costa Rica911
Ecuador911 / 101
El Salvador911
Peru105 / 911
Puerto Rico911
Dominican Republic911
Uruguay133 / 1909
Unión Europea112 (28 Countries)
In case you find inconsistencies in the emergency numbers, please do not hesitate to let us know through our website, filing our contact form.