Last update: January 18, 2021

Política de privacidad

The Bilingual website (Website) and the application (the App, Bilingual, we or us) and all the features and / or related services (Services) are owned and operated by Appliin – Application Life Innovation S.A.S., Colombian enterprise and regulated by Colombian Laws. Before signing up for Bilingual, it is your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not sign up for, access or use Bilingual.

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies at the time you sign up for, access and / or use Bilingual or any other means related to the app and/or Appliin – Application Life Innovation. Likewise, you declare that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Privacy Policy, including any and all kinds of modifications it may have in the future. Likewise, Bilingual may and will modify, update or change this Privacy Policy at any time and will notify you through its website, indicating at the top of the Privacy Policy page the last update. If you continue using our services after the publication of modifications, changes and / or updates, it will be understood and constitute the acceptance by you of said modifications and / or updates. As a consequence, you must frequently review this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

Legal Basis

This document emphasizes the compliance with the predetermined provisions in the Colombian Law, particularly in decree 1377 of 2013 in order to ensure the fundamental right of habeas data and everything established by Law 1581 of 2012. Likewise, its purpose is to comply with the provisions of paragraph k) of article 17 of Law 1581 of 2012, which refers to the adoption of an internal manual of policies and procedures to ensure the proper attention to complaints and the appropriate treatment of information.

Likewise, it is emphasized that in case of affecting the right to the titular users outside the Colombian territory, Bilingual will request the collaboration of international entities related to the collection of personal data. If there is, international transfers of personal data will be made under the observation of the provisions of article 26 of Law 1581 of 2012.

1. Responsible

Bilingual is solely responsible for the processing of personal data acquired by registering and using the mobile application.

2. Treatment and Purpose

The personal data and information collected by Bilingual will be used to:

  • Keep communication with users and visitors.
  • Carry out market studies and research that lead to continuous improvement of Bilingual (mobile app).
  • Promote Bilingual (mobile application) with users and visitors through advertising campaigns in the different communication channels.

3. Data Acquisition

Bilingual will expressly request the necessary data, among others, in the different direct contact channels (website and mobile application) and indirect (social networks, public campaigns, among others):

  • Names and surnames
  • Email
  • Location
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Pictures
  • Interests
  • Telephone and WhatsApp (If applicable)

As a Bilingual user, you understand and accept that the information specified above is public, such as: names and surnames, location, nationality, date of birth, gender, languages, pictures and interests. This information is and will be displayed on your personal profile, which is public only in the mobile app, and helps you as a user to be contacted or to contact other users under the proper use and always meeting the purpose of Bilingual as a social network to interact with others users culturally (based on shared interests) in order to practice, learn and/or teach languages or contact professional services related to languages such as tour guides and/or translators/interpreters. For more information, you can read our Terms and Conditions.

All kind of information that is collected in Bilingual, is carried out by administrative, operational and/or commercial staff through face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, emails or other digital communication channels such as WhatsApp, chat and/or social networks.

Bilingual will not carry out the collection of data considered sensitive as political, religious, sexual, philosophical inclinations or data related to personal health, racial or ethnic origin and according to the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012.

4. Authorization

According to the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and regulatory decree 1377 of 2013, the collection, storage and use of personal data must have a process that evidences the authorization and prior consent of the owner to carry out the processing of personal data.

All information provided by Bilingual users was, is and will be provided voluntarily when using the application and other direct and indirect Bilingual contact channels. Likewise, consent is given for the treatment of the data and information collected according to this privacy policy and in accordance with the provisions of the law.

5. Storage

Each Bilingual user authorizes the storage of their personal data and information related to the registration and use of the application, in the way that Bilingual considers it and always complying with reasonable security standards for the protection of data and information.

6. Security

Bilingual takes the necessary security measures to protect personal data and information in order to prevent adulteration, loss, inappropriate uses and unauthorized access. To carry out security management, Bilingual implements administrative, operational and computer security protection measures that are reasonable and within the scope of the internal policies.

Likewise, all third parties that are contracted by Bilingual, are bound to adhere to and comply with information security policies and manuals, as well as to have defined information security protocols and processes. Likewise, any agreement of the agency with third parties that compromises the processing of personal data and information implies the attachment of a confidentiality agreement, which specifies the commitments of third parties with everything related to protection, care, security and the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and privacy of all personal data and information.

7. Stay

All information stored in Biligual’s database will be kept indefinitely with the aim of carrying out contact for processes of updating, advice, customer loyalty and/or publicity with the same. Likewise, the owners have the right to demand the correction or elimination of data and information as stipulated in point 11 of this policy.

8. Professional Ethics

Bilingual manages the storage and processing of data in a professional way, and they are regulated as follows:

Purpose: The acquisition, storage, treatment and use of information has a purpose.

Privacy: Personal data will not be disclosed or sold, respecting the right to privacy.

Confidentiality: Any process related to the processing of personal data and information will have a control process to avoid any risk of adulteration, loss, inappropriate uses and unauthorized access.

Reliability: The information in the databases will be complete and truthful and unambiguous. Likewise, the owner may demand the update, correction or elimination of the information at any time.

Security: The information and its storage will be subject to security of technologies (Third party companies like Google, among others) that are used by the application to work, and at the same time, its treatment will be under control process and confidentiality contracts.

Legal and Risk: Bilingual is in the duty to cooperate with the authorities specialized in data protection and national security.

9. Rights and Duties of Owners

Bilingual informs that according to the current legislation, the owners have among others, the right to know, update, rectify the information, and/or eliminate the authorization for the treatment. In particular, the rights of the owners as established in article 8 of Law 1581 of 2012 are:

  • To Know, update and rectify personal data.
  • To request evidence of the authorization granted.
  • To be informed, by request, regarding the use given to the personal data.
  • To submit complaints to the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio for infractions of the provisions of the Law.
  • To revoke the authorization and request the elimination of the data.

10. Duties of Bilingual

Being responsible for the information, Bilingual is aware of the responsibility and the importance of managing policies and control processes that protect the data of the users and the authorized use, committing to:

  • Keep the information under security measures to avoid adulteration, loss, inappropriate uses and unauthorized access.
  • Manage and process the requests of owners in the response time established by law.
  • Allow access to information only to personnel authorized by Bilingual under a confidentiality agreement.
  • Report to the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio violations of information security processes.
  • Comply with everything established in this Privacy Policy.

11. Information Query Process and Request for Correction, Update or Elimination

Information Query

The owners may carry out a query process about the management of the information by written means through our email .

Requirements: When presenting a query request, the owners must present their personal data. This is verified by Bilingual with the aim of avoiding risks that violate the protection of the information stored by the application.

Response: Bilingual will respond to all requests in a period of 7 working days from the reception of the request in the email mentioned above.

Request for Correction, Update or Elimination

Any request for correction, update or elimination must be made through our email from the email registered in the app and will be replied to within 7 working days.

12. Definitions

Authorization: Prior, express and informed consent of the owner to carry out the processing of personal data.

Database: Organized set of personal data that is subject to treatment.

Personal Data: Any information linked to or associated with one or several legal persons determined or determinable.

Sensitive Data: Information that affect the owner’s privacy or whose inappropriate use may generate discrimination.