Study and work at the same time
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How to Study and Work at the Same Time and not to Fail in the Attempt

When university studies are carried out, not everyone have the fortune to dedicate themselves totally to them. Since in some way, many people must contribute in their homes to cover certain economic expenses that studying implies; therefore, it is important to study and work at the same time.

Starting university studies for the first time is a unique experience. Although we do not all like to study in the same way, we cannot deny that going to university in the first semesters is entertaining. Because you begin to be a participant in new experiences, you will know new people and not only you will learn in the academic field, but also in many other aspects that will be useful for the rest of life.

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Studying, Studying and just Studying

When you are in college and time is mostly for it, you can get the most out of it. What do I mean? that you can use it as you please and you can study much more. For this reason, it is very useful to have free time and take advantage of it.

If studying in the conventional way is boring, do it in a different way such as creating study groups, ask a tutor to attend and act as a mediator, you can spend one hour a day apart from your class schedule and homework assignments to study some of your subjects. In short, there are a thousand ways in which you can benefit from all this free time.

However, we all know that the university does not just sum up to go to classes, do jobs or meet with colleagues to prepare group projects; but the university also involves leaving it with new friends on a Friday afternoon and going to lunch, going to someone’s house to play soccer or after class go to drink something at the bars that are nearby. It also sometimes involves having love, breaking up with them and then having to endure their presence in hallways or even in classes.

Not everything is summarized to study and stress. In the same way is to take advantage of the activities that the university gives you to participate in different events with your friends, in addition to exploiting your talents in extracurricular activities.

The best part of all of this is that you can live your university life in a calm way and with many aspects of your life balanced, without making much effort. It’s all about organizing the time!

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What happens when we must study and work at the same time?

When we must study and work at the same time either because your parents can not pay for your studies, you must help in certain expenses in your home, you must collaborate with your personal expenses, simply for pleasure, or for whatever reason is, the situation changes a bit.

Many people who are studying their university studies have never worked in their lives. It may sound contemptuous, but it is true.And very good for them! Do not you think? However, it is from those people who come up phrases like “no, I could not study and work at the same time, it would be very difficult and I could not take my full credits” also, “studying and working at the time would distract me a lot and I could not keep my high averages “or” if I do it, my social life would be ruined “.

They are all myths, actually. If you are studying your university undergraduate and you need to work at the same time, here are some tips to do it and not to fail in the attempt.

Tips to study and work at the same time in a successful way:

Organize your personal finances

You do not need to be an entrepreneur or have a high income to do so.If you are not yet studying and working simultaneously, seriously consider what your expenses will be once you are doing these activities. In this way, you will have an idea of ​​what kind of work and how much time you will need.


At this point there are several aspects that you should consider.The first one is payment. Considering how much you earn, you can relate to the organization of your finances and if you need to save a part of it. Be creative and look for ways to spend less, such as using alternative means of transport such as cycling, read more in PDF to spend less on copies or prepare more food from home so you do not spend out of it.

In addition, you can use jobs that are not as demanding and adjust to your financial needs, which means that it is time to start or look for alternative income, such as selling objects at the university. If you are good at teaching, you can dictate classes and charge for them. There are many things you can do to earn money.

On the other hand, another factor that you must take into account is the time involved in that work, which is related to the next tip to be discussed.


Here are several fundamental aspects to work and study at the same time, because as mentioned above, it’s all about organizing your time! At this point it is important that there is a balance between study and work.

It is important that you organize your class schedule well so you can study in the morning or in the afternoon and you can work quietly. In extreme cases work or study late at night; Why extreme cases? Because it is necessary to rest. It may seem easy at first to keep a busy agenda every day, but later it will be exhausting and your performance will not be the same.

In addition to this, you must organize your time in such a way that you can fulfill your academic duties. A tip for it is that you take the maximum advantage of free time intervals that you have during the day. An example of this is spaces between classes.

To conclude this point, it is necessary not to fail in the attempt, worry about your life besides studying and working simultaneously, which is related to the next point.

Balance your duties with other aspects of your life

One of the key aspects to study and work at the same time and do it without suffering too much is that there is a balance between your duties, your health, your family and your social life. It may seem very complicated because time turns out to be little; then you must organize correctly.

You must be careful with your health. An agenda occupied during the day does not mean you do not have time to eat or sleep properly. Remember that without this you will not have the energy to get ahead.

You should find time on weekends to replenish energy, take care of yourself and your friends.Take advantage of these days to go out with them and do activities that are relaxing for you, such as practicing a sport or a hobby.

Ask for help when it is necessary

It is not bad to ask favors once in a while to those around us, as long as they can do it and it does not turn out to be problematic.If you need help with an academic aspect, ask for help to your classmates. However do not recharge yourself in them, be responsible, and if it is about any other aspect, lean on your family.

To study and work at the same time can seem complicated and those who have done it have felt at times that they should dedicate themselves to only one of the two activities. Therefore, it is important that you know yourself and take a risk. All the people who are studying their university studies should work and study simultaneously at least once. Because it brings multiple benefits, such as responsibility and habits.

To face the professional world in a professional manner, it is necessary to make your CV more attractive, which is not only achieved with academic studies, but also with work experience of some kind.

Bearing in mind that globalization has had a relevant influence on the labor field, we must also be competent in terms of languages; since now, such is the importance that the opportunities to aspire better positions are much greater for those people who speak two or more languages in comparison with those who only speak one.

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Go ahead and study and work at the same time! Nothing better than to earn your own money and your own things by your own effort.
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