Cultural exchanges
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Cultural exchanges: advantages and disadvantages

A lot of students decide to complement their studies with an exchange, therefore if you are thinking about doing a cultural exchange, this entrance will be a great help for you. Here you’ll find some advantages and disadvantages to make this type of exchange.
When you decide to make a cultural exchange, you have to take into account that you are going to be far away from your family and friends, this is why, this adventure can be a bit difficult at the beginning. However, with the amount of things that you’ll do and learn, you will realise eventually that is totally worth it. Here we have then enumerated some advantages and disadvantages that a cultural exchange will give you:


  • Create consciousness: it makes you more conscious of your culture and to appreciate it even more.
  • Develop values: you will learn values such as respect and tolerance, since you will discover a lot of differences between others cultures and yours.
  • Experience: since you’re going to be totally exposed to other cultures, you will learn and share with different people to you.
  • Develop skills: being in a place out of your comfort zone, you will have to develop the capacity to adapt to any environment and to learn to communicate and express yourself a lot better.
Cultural exchanges
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  • Difficulty in adapting to be out of your comfort zone
  • Wanting to change your personal roots for others. When this happens the identity of the own culture get lost.
  • When you are in a place different to your own house, you can be careless with the food you eat and this could affect your health.
  • You can be disorganized with the money and spend more than expected.

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Cultural exchanges are an unforgettable experience. This is because that the people that go on with this experience, when they return home, they have new aspirations and dreams that want to achieve. On the other hand, they go to shape their character and define their personality, this is because they will gain some type of independence that will be useful in the future.
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