Tips to Meet People who Speak other Languages
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Tips to Meet People who Speak other Languages

Meeting people from other cultures is perhaps one of the most enriching ways to learn about the world; however, on many occasions, the language barrier represents an impediment for us to interact with those who speak other languages.

No one should miss the opportunity to meet someone new only because this person speaks a different language. It is for this reason that we want to share some tips to socialize with people whose languages ​​you do not handle.

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Tips to Share with People who Speak other Languages

Keep in mind the place where you are: it is important to keep this in mind, because if you are in a place where your native language is not spoken, you will be forced to try to communicate in the language spoken, but if you are in a country whose language is your native language and you want to interact with a foreign person, things change.

In the first situation, it is advisable to learn basic phrases of daily interaction, either to defend yourself during the days that you are there or as a first measure of learning in case you should be for a longer period of time. In case of that is necessary, you must expose in a basic way your “linguistic situation”, in this way, the people around you will know what happens and they will agree to help you in whatever you need.

In the case of the second situation, you must be empathetic with the person who speaks other languages, because she or he may feel uncomfortable having to say basic sentences, due to ignorance of the language. However, do not be shy, come and try engage in a simple conversation, use technological tools such as an automatic translator, if it is necessary.

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Know a bit of the culture with which you plan to interact: either with many people or just one, it is very positive to know general features of their culture, such as greetings, proxemics (distance between people), metalanguage (gestures) or topics of interest. This will help you to lead a conversation more friendly and without fear of doing something that can be rude or of few manners, just because you do not know some aspects of the culture.It is always good to take it into account; other languages ​​= other cultures.

Do not be shy and be sure of yourself: if you have knowledge in the language in which you are looking to socialize, use it to the fullest and do not be afraid of making mistakes, as people appreciate that you try to speak their language and eventually they will correct you, which It is very good, because you will improve your level. On the other hand, it is also important that if you intend to communicate with a foreigner in a place where your mother tongue is spoken, in case you do not know a bit of the foreign language, or if interaction becomes difficult, propose to resort to an intermediate language in which both can understand and communicate in an easier way.

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Be creative and do not miss the opportunity to meet someone who speaks other languages, it can mean losing a valuable and enriching experience. Today there are many technological aids in order to improve communication between people of different languages, one of them is Bilingual App, with which you can interact with people who speak several languages ​​and can learn from them, practicing and making new friends.

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