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The cultural influence of reggae music in the worldwide

Reggae music was popularized in different parts of the world thanks for its main musical exponent Bob Marley who promoted the Rastafarian love and peace from Jamaica culture through his songs. It has generated the acceptance and recognition of that culture in the worldwide.

The musical genre reggae emerged in the mid-1960s in Jamaica. It became known through the group The Wailers made up by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh who were the first artists to express their ideals and feelings through this musical rhythm. Thanks for the talent of these artists their songs spread all over the world which promoted a universal curiosity for the Rastafarian culture.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Buffalo Soldier (Official Video)

The influence of reggae on the Rastafarian culture

The Rastafarian movement is considered a religion mixing elements of Traditional African beliefs however it was developed in Jamaica in the mid-1930s. Rastafarians believe that blacks are the chosen people of God. They are known especially by their dreadlocks (type of hairstyle formed by braiding) And the consumption of marijuana. In spite of they seem rebels they have peaceful ideals, since they believe in shared love, freedom, peace and union, finally their great motivation is to believe that one day they will migrate to their promised land, Africa.

Reggae has a wide Rastafarian cultural influence because Bob Marley was one of the first musical artists to promote this religion and accept publicly its practice. Through his compositions he made known his ideals coming from the Rastafarian movement, and spread the cultural message that over the years many countries accepted and opted for. Thanks for it, now many countries practice their customs and lifestyles of Jamaica.

Many people believe that reggae and its culture is a style of popular music that encourages the consumption of marijuana, the use of dreadlocks and rebellion. However it is rather than that because genre shares and disseminates the ideologies of an African race and The Rastafarian movement. This is a belief that is respectable like any other and which in turn transmits harmony and fun.

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Influence of reggae worldwide

Currently reggae and The Rastafarian culture are practiced in different countries such as the United States, France, England, Panama and even Colombia. This has created a great influence because many people changed their lifestyles to practice Jamaican beliefs. Such as using hairstyles with dreadlocks, consume marijuana and listen to this musical rhythm. In addition to living a peaceful lifestyle and above all to respect for the black race.
On the other hand, many cultures changed their religious ideologies to transform them into the reality to The Rastafarian movement. However, you do not have to be a Rastafarian to enjoy this genre and its customs, because besides in this culture everyone follows their own rules and there is no standard of living to follow this philosophy because, you can freely do it and express all your feelings through reggae.
Finally, this international influence has generated to many foreign singer-songwriters create reggae compositions in different languages, such as French, English and Spanish. It makes this musical genre affordable and practical for anyone in anywhere in the world. Even if you want to learn a language, there is nothing better than reggae because it makes you feel calm and their songs always carry a message of peace and harmony. And slow pace allows you understand in an easy way its verbal content.

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In conclusion, the rising and influence of the reggae musical genre and the Rastafarian culture is a heritage of the main reggae artist Bob Marley, who instilled and taught his culture through singing, that despite spending time his songs are listened to and played throughout the world.

Thanks for reggae The Rastafarian culture is still spreading. Now that you know the importance and meaning of this wonderful musical genre it will be easier for you to accept their culture and enjoy their songs by understanding the message of their lyrics.
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