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How music can help you learn English?

Music is considered a key communication tool in the world because, through music you can express sounds, feelings and emotions. Thanks for the fact that the musical genres vary in different language, you can get to learn a language as English and enjoy it in a easy way while your are listen to music.

Nowadays thanks for the use of technology and the Internet there are many ways to learn autonomously English. However, one of the tools that motivates students to do it by itself is listening to music because, it gives you conformity.

Some Studies ensure that through music you can stimulate your brain to receive and store information more easily. You can also choose from hundreds of songs and variety of genres to make your learning experience much more enjoyable.

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Tips for learning English through music

First and foremost, choose a musical genre that you like and enjoy listening to. Then look for professional singers who speak English but also transmit a good message.

Secondly, understanding message of the songs it is necessary that you look for the lyrics. Do not let yourself be only guided by hearing because you can be deceived by this. For that reason is fundamental that you read their lyrics to learn how to properly pronounce the words in English.

Finally, try to do it several times during the day. It will help you to learn new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. With that you will start to understand what singers want to express through their songs.

The best music songs to learn English

A continuación te compartiremos las canciones que pueden llegar a ser útiles en tu aprendizaje:

Beautiful day – U2

It’s an excellent song to learn new vocabulary because the U2 band is characterized by transmitting messages on topics such as politics, culture and social and environmental issues.

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

This band transmits through its songs messages about the current life. This is a beautiful song with an ideal life and love message to learn all kinds of vocabulary.

One Love – Bob Marley

Bob Marley transmits a message of love, freedom and struggle through all his songs. This is one of the most famous song written by him, ideal to relax and learn English.

Let It Be – The Beatles

This musical group was one of the most famous in the world and all its songs can give you emotions and of course you can expand your vocabulary through this amazing song.

Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones

If you love Rock, this song and this musical group will surely enchant you. So learn with this incredible band.

Halo – Beyoncé

For lovers of love this song is ideal because Beyonce transmits in all its songs romanticism and drama to the point of moving you.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

A very emotional and funny song that mixes several musical genres achieving a unique and ideal musical rhythms to catch your attention when studying English.

Bonus: Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

Although it is a children’s song with this song you will easily learn body parts. Then listen to children’s songs to learn vocabulary in basic but essential English.

To conclude, do not think twice and update your musical repertoire so that you can learn much easier and faster English. However you will need more than music to master this language so I recommend you study daily and try to find foreign friends. With Bilingual App you will be able to learn English and other languages from your phone.

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