The Tower of Babel
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The myth of the Tower of Babel and its influence in the world

There are many theories in the world which look for explaining the origin of the languages that are spoken at different places. Even so, one of the oldest theories comes from the Bible which assures that the Tower of Babel is responsible for the existence of many Languages.

The language allows you to express to the world emotions, feelings, ideals and thoughts. However it is not always easy communicate something to the world because today there are about 7000 languages. Which prevent understanding among us. Also languages turn into a barrier when for wanting know new cultures.

For this reason we invite you to learn different languages, so that you can travel the world without language barriers and you can enjoy everything that this can offer you.
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Next, we will explain you what is the reason of existing many languages in the world wide.

The Tower of Babel and the origin of languages

The name Babel comes from the word Babál which means to confuse. The Tower of Babel is a biblical myth which relates the arrogance and man’s pride because they wanted to contradict God’s orders. It is also the beginning of the complexity of communication among humans and the existences of many cultures around the world.

The Bible tells the story of the origin of languages givin in his book Genesis. This says that everything began in the land of Babylon where the men of that generation decided to challenge God by building a large tower that reached to heaven in order to know God. At that time everyone spoke a single language.

It is said that the man’s pride caused the wrath of God who decided to separate men and create misunderstanding through different languages. Since then, communities have been spreading around the world speaking different languages.

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As I have already said, there are around 7000 languages in the world, which generates an idiomatic barrier among different cultures in the world. Besides others say that for this reason during the last centuries there have been many empires looking for controlling lands. Due to the lack of communication wars and community spreading have been generated. This is why you can find different nations and societies with different ideologies.

However, thanks to the globalization that you currently can see, you can easily learn a new language and understand your thoughts. Keep in mind that by learning a new language you can eliminate the language barrier which prevents you from knowing the world, so you can finally travel around the world and communicate easily.

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Very soon with the Bilingual App it will be very easy to learn a new language and meet people from all over the world improving your communication with different cultures. So do not think about it and encourage yourself to learn languages which will allow you to understand the world where you live.
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