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How to Learn Languages ​​while Enjoying Great Cinema?

Watching movies is a very entertaining and fun way to learn about many subjects. In many occasions we learn about culture, history, art and even science through great cinema, therefore, if it is possible to learn about general culture, why do not learn languages ​​with it?

Many times, we consider that it is difficult to learn and practice a new language by our own means either due to lack of time, because we do not know where to start, or sometimes we do not have anyone to practice with or simply there is not enough motivation to start doing it. Therefore, we want to show you how much you can learn through great cinema.

There are all kinds of movies for all kinds of spectators and if you like movies, you will learn in a more entertaining way. However, it is necessary to consider that you have to follow a series of steps to enjoy great cinema and acquire as much knowledge as possible at the same time.

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Learn Languages ​​and Enjoy Great Cinema

1. The first thing you should keep in mind is the language you want to learn and the type of movies that you like the most. You can start by watching your favorite movies in their original language (which is usually English) and subtitles in your native language. In this way, your ears will get use of listening to the language in different accents and situations.

In case your mother tongue is English, depending on the platform where you are watching the movie (Netflix, HBO, Popcorn Time, etc.) you can modify the language and put the subtitles in English.

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2. You can take advantage of the different dubbing that movies have on different platforms and not only learn English, but any other language. In addition to accustoming your ears, you must also get used to writing in other languages . What you can do at this point is to choose the language you want as audio (either your native language or the one you are about to learn) and the subtitle in the language you want to learn.

However, I recommend that you do it once you have a medium level in the language you are learning, because if it is not, you can be discouraged about learning the new language and also to continue watching the movie.
3. Always choose both subtitles and dubs from the country with which you have the closest proximity to language learning. The jargon, idioms and meanings of the words change depending on the country. However, this can be an advantage when you already have an advanced level in the new language, since you can acquire much more vocabulary and you will learn when to use it.
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In general, learning languages ​​and enjoying great cinema is possible and it is much simpler than it seems. It is just a matter of devoting a little time and a lot of attention.

Remember that there are thousands of ways to learn a language. It is better to listen to someone who is native; then, wathcing movies is an ideal choice for learning, as Bilingual, which is an application that you can download on your mobile devices and contact people of all kinds of nationalities to learn their languages ​​and relate to them from the place where you are.Learn a lot and make friends. What are you waiting for?!

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