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How to learn English through video games?

Nowadays it is possible to learn or practice English through video games. They are made to entertain you but in turn they can give you a playful and unparalleled experience, since you will be able to learn new vocabulary and you will be able to get your ear used to this fascinating language.

Steps to learn English through video games

First of all, you have to choose a game that is of interest. On the internet you can find all kinds of simple games and also games with a high degree of difficulty to overcome. But it all depends on your experience with video games.

Secondly, try to set the language to English and put subtitles in this language. This will allow you to understand more accurately the vocabulary and the history of the game. Finally, have a dictionary at hand so you can search for unknown words that may prevent you from enjoying the game and thus understand its content.

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After following these steps it will be much easier to understand the language since you will learn new vocabulary and thus you will be able to improve your level of English. Now that you know, next we will share the best video games to learn English:

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The Sims: It is a game that consists of creating characters within a family and social environment. By these characters interact creating conversations which makes the game an ideal tool to expand your vocabulary due to the different stories and conversations narrated in the game.

Telltale Games: This company is responsible for creating different games such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Back to the Future, these games carry a high verbal content and consist of telling stories based on novels and movies.

For this reason this is the right game to strengthen your language skills and understand each term and its meaning. Because you can follow their dialogues and you can decide in many cases to deal with different situations. Also this will help you learn much easier and you will understand why they use Each phrase.
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Finally you realise that video games are an important tools to learn and strengthen a language since you will expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. On the other hand you can also have fun and make the game an unparalleled educational experience.

Also keep in mind that to learn a language you do not only need these games because it is also important that you look for other means to strengthening the language. For example very soon with the Bilingual you can learn English and expand your linguistic knowledge through conversations with people around the world.

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