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Folk and Power Metal bands to learn several languages

Folk and Power Metal are subgenres of Heavy Metal, which are characterized by introducing traditional elements, such as songs or typical instruments such as violins, bagpipes, accordions, flutes, wind instruments, etc. all depending on the cultural context in which the band develops.

Just as Folk and Power Metal use characteristic instruments depending on their origin, the same happens with the languages ​​in which they perform their songs. For this reason, if you enjoy a good solo of winds and strings, you will surely enjoy learning new languages ​​with the following bands.

Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Folk and Power Metal Bands and languages to learn


To listen Folk and Power Metal in the language of love, there is Therion, which is a band of Swedish origin, is currently celebrating 30 years of career and it is considered a legendary band not only in these subgenres of Heavy Metal, but also the Symphonic Metal.

Although a large percentage of their works are performed in English, the album “Les Fleurs du Mal” (The Flowers of Evil) has a list of 16 songs with which you can improve your pronunciation and fluency in this language, while moving your head to rhythm of their beautiful and crazy melodies.


This Nordic language can also be learned by listening to these subgenres of Heavy Metal, thanks to bands like Nightwish or Turisas, coming from this wonderful country. Nightwish, meanwhile, developed most of his songs in English; however, in the albums “Once” and “Angels Fall First” you can appreciate several songs in their native language thanks to the composition work of Toumas Holopainen and the interpretation of Tarja Turunen.

Por otro lado, Turisas es reconocido por su temática vikinga, sus solos de violín eléctrico, sus épicas letras y gruesas voces tanto en inglés como en finés, eso significa que con ellos vas a sentirte poderoso mientras aprendes esta interesante lengua nórdica.


To learn this language with Folk and Power Metal there is the band Arkona, coming from exactly Moskou , they represent in a strong way not only the Folk, but also the Pagan Metal and they are inspired by the Slavic mythology to create their lyrics in the songs. With them you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with this language and feel that you are in another era when listening to them.


Although it is a common language, especially in universal musical terms, there are bands that help us to know different slangs in this language. An example of this is the band Alestorm, from Scotland, which is characterized by its pirate theme, not only in its musical and aesthetic style , but also in its lyrics. Listening to them is quite entertaining and somehow funny. They have a lot of energy in their songs and you can improve your English level, fluency and above all, learn new expressions and even insults.

Another Power Metal band that I want to include here is Blind Guardian. It’s a German band, whose lyrics are in their entirety in English. The curious thing about their lyrics is that many of them are inspired by J.R.R. Tolikien’s book “The Lord of the Rings”. Speaking in musical terms, Blind Guardian has an impressive level and their melodies, accompanied by their lyrics, make dream anyone who enjoys a good Power Metal song.


To learn Spanish by listening Folk and Power Metal the most representative band is Mago de Oz, which comes from Spain and as Therion, , this year they are celebrating 30 years of career and are considered a legendary band of these subgenres of Heavy Metal in Spanish.

Even for people who speak Spanish as their native language, great vocabulary used by Txuz (the composer of the band) is particular, thanks that its daily use is little. Because of this, Mago de Oz is a band with which they not only learn Spanish as a foreign language, but also learn those who speak it as their native language.

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These were some bands with which you can learn new languages ​​and improve your pronunciation. Music is an excellent way to learn new things and it is also therapeutic.

In the same way, you can complement your learning process by practicing what you have learned through all these songs, with Bilingual, an application for mobile devices with which you can connect with people from all over the world and surround yourself with native speakers from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that there is nothing better than going to a concert, whose singers speak a foreign language and have the ability to understand everything they say and sing. It is truly magical. So, go ahead, meet new bands and fill your life with Folk and Power Metal.

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