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Extreme Sports

Extreme sports that you can practice in Colombia

In Colombia there are a lot of sports that you can practice such as football, cycling and Tejo. But besides these there are extreme sports that you can learn in a easy way and enjoy them in different places of Colombia, since it is a country that has become the perfect destination for adventurers.

This country is considered one of the best places to practice extreme sports, it is specially for its huge natural wealth since you can find everything, as of snow-capped to climb up, the wild rivers to tame and even explore the sea depths in a easy way while you feel adrenaline.

If you are an adventurer, this country is perfect because you can enjoy extreme sports in a natural and wild environment. Sports such as: diving, caving, Flyboard and hiking, among others, you can also practice them in a easy way in different places with your family, friends or even do it alone.

Extreme sports in Colombia
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On the other hand, below we will show you the most popular extreme sports to enjoy in unique and unparalleled places of Colombia.

Extreme sports more played in Colombia


It is about climb up and climb down of mountains, it is a perfect sport for whom love exercising and exploring new lands because it requires time and a good physical condition to walk long distance and discover the wonders within nature.

This sport is well-known in Colombia since there are several places where you can practice it such as La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the highest in Colombia, Los Nevados National Park a set of parks and nature reserves and La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy with its snowy peaks and glaciers. these are all ideal for climbing, if you want to experience this sport, there won’t be anything better than discovering by yourself in one of these incredible parks.


This is a demanding activity because you need to have strength in your arms and fight against flow of rivers water while you are on board a boat. And it is done especially in groups. This sport is perfect for you to practice it in the Chicamocha Canyon for its beautiful waters and landscapes, also in the Yavarí rivers in Amazon and Barragán in Quindío. If your passion is the waters, this sport is perfect to have an unforgettable experience and adventure.


This activity is about jumping out of a plane with a parachute. It is ideal for Lovers by heights and adrenaline, since you will descent to the ground and in minutes you touch it. If you want to enjoy an unparalleled experience, Santa Marta is the perfect place because you can appreciate the Caribbean Sea from the heights, just dare to jump by yourself to more than 1500 meters above the sea level. Keep in mind that you need an instructor of skydiving to make your fall safer.

Bungee jumping

This sport is similar to skydiving but it is practiced in a lower height. It is about making a jump on a bridge or platform with an elastic that allows you to have an incredible experience. Since you think that you tap the ground but actually you bounce.
This is one of the most extreme sports practiced by Colombians. It is excellent for you because you can experience it in San Gil Santander, in Tobia Cundinamarca, in Samacá Boyacá and in the capital of Meta Villavicencio since these places have a special location for the practice of this sport which will make your experience more safe and fun.

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These are some of the most popular and practiced extreme sports in different regions of Colombia. However there are many more which you can enjoy and learn whenever you want to experience an adventure and adrenaline.
Now that you know, do not hesitate to travel this wonderful destination full of natural wealth, which offers you the special and suitable locations for the practice for said extreme sports.
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