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The Spanish past perfect

What is the Spanish past perfect?

The Spanish past perfect is a verbal tense that describes events that took place in moments before others, even if both events occurred in the past have an order.

Use of the Spanish past perfect

The past perfect is used to express actions in the past that occurred before another action also occurred in the past.

How is the Spanish past perfect formed?

The following rule must be followed:

  • Personal pronoun + Auxiliary verb + Past participle




Positive / Positivo


He had eaten before his lunch hour.

They had worked in that company years ago.


Él había comido algo antes de su hora de almuerzo.

Ellos habían trabajado en esa empresa hace años.


Ele tinha comido algo antes de sua hora de almoço.

Eles tinham trabalhado nessa empresa anos atrás.

Negative / Negativo


My boss had not said it was going to be a long work week.

They had not studied for the English exam.


Mi jefe no había dicho que iba a ser una larga semana de trabajo.

Ellos no habían estudiado para el examen de inglés.


Meu chefe não tinha dito que seria uma longa semana de trabalho.

Eles não tinham estudado para o exame de inglês.

Question / Pregunta / Pergunta


Had you been here before?

Yes, I had.

No, I had not.

Had she watched the movie before??

Yes, she had.

No, she had not.


¿Habías estado aquí antes?

Sí, ya había estado aquí.

No, no había estado aquí.

¿Ella había visto la película antes?

Sí, ella ya la había visto.

No, ella no la había visto.


Você já tinha estado aqui antes?

Sim, eu tinha.

Não, eu não tinha.

Ela já tinha assistido o filme antes?

Sim, ela tinha.

Não, ela não tinha.

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