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The Spanish present perfect

What is the Spanish present perfect?

The Spanish present perfect is a verbal tense that describes events that have already happened in the past but are still relevant in the present moment.

Use of the Spanish present perfect

The present perfect is used to express actions in the past but with significance in the present.

How is the Spanish present perfect formed?

The following rule must be followed:

  • Personal pronoun + Auxiliary verb + Past participle verb




Positive / Positivo


I have played basketball.

We have worked for our family’s company.


Yo he jugado al baloncesto.

Nosotros hemos trabajado para la compañía de nuestra familia.


Já joguei basquete.

Nós temos trabalhado para a empresa de nossa família.

Negative / Negativo


He has not watched that TV show yet.

They haven’t completed the task.


Él no ha visto ese programa de televisión todavía.

Ellos no han completado la tarea.


Ele ainda não viu esse programa de TV.

Eles ainda não completaram a tarefa.

Question / Pregunta / Pergunta


Have you talked to your brother today?

Yes, I have.

No, I have not.

Have you learned to drive?

Yes, I have.

No, I have not.


¿Has hablado con tu hermano hoy?

Sí, lo he hecho.

No, no lo he hecho.

¿Has aprendido a manejar?

Sí, lo he hecho.

No, no lo he hecho.


Você já conversou com seu irmão hoje?

Sim, já o fiz.

Não, não o fiz.

Você já tem aprendeu a conduzir?

Sim, já o fiz.

Não, não o fiz.

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