To Do verb in Spanish and to Make verb in Spanish
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To Do verb in Spanish

Meaning of To Do verb in Spanish

To Do verb in Spanish is translated as “hacer” and “fazer” in Portuguese, and has the following conditions:

Do refers to jobs, tasks, actions or activities.
Do is used to replace another verb when the meaning is very clear.

Conjugation of the To do verb





Hacer / Realizar

Fazer / Realizar

I do

Yo hago

Eu faço

You do

Tú haces / Usted hace

Você faze

He does

Él hace

Ele faz

She does

Ella hace

Ela faz

It does

Él hace / Ella hace

Ele faz / Ela faz

We do

Nosotros hacemos / Nosotras hacemos

Nós fazemos

You do

Ustedes hacen

Vocês fazem

They do

Ellos hacen / Ellas hacen

Eles fazem / Elas fazem

Examples and expressions




Do housework

Hacer oficio

Fazer tarefas domésticas

Do exercise

Hacer ejercicio

Fazer exercício

Do homework

Hacer las tareas

Fazer os deveres

Do business

Hacer negocios

Fazer negócios

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